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If you have any comments or critiques on how I'm playing Koushirou, please leave a comment and let me know. :3 IP logging is off, screening is on.

• Note: This phone is totally jailbroken and customized to a ridiculous extent. >.>

Voice Mail

"Hello, this is Izumi Koushirou. I apologize for missing your call and will return it as soon as possible. Please leave a message."


This is Koushirou's preferred method of conversation, and he's likely to return any texts back relatively quickly. Emails he receives will also ping through to text messages, and vice versa, so he'll likely get either no matter where he is.


Tentomon has been insisting that I alert all of you that I am still amongst the living, so you are all now informed. Hopefully my partner will be placated by this statement, considering that he knows full well there were perfectly good reasons for my absence.

I apologize for being out of contact with everyone, and I assure those who I may have inadvertently ignored that it was for a justified reason. If there is anything that is still needed of me, please contact me again.

[ooc: Yes, for those of you who can tell from his writing, Koushirou is more than slightly snippy. It's nothing personal against anyone, though! Except maybe a little bit at Tentomon.]


It appears another month has passed, and Tentomon is becoming concerned that I'm burying myself in my computers again, though I believe he may have meant it literally this time. It seems as though every inhabitant of Odaiba has managed to crash their computers at once, though at least I'm getting a great deal of business.

It's becoming apparent that dropping some classes might be a good idea at the moment, as there is not enough time to focus on everything at once. Considering minors are ultimately not particularly useful, suspending work on one or both could be beneficial, at least temporarily.

Has anyone else had any significant encounters with the appearing Digimon? Tentomon and I have still been investigating when there's time, but that's been less often recently.

Iori-kun, there is another IT conference late this month, if you're still interested. It should be possible to attend this one, as it's not long.


Tenotmon has informed me that it has been nearly a month now, since I have posted any sort of update, and apparently a few weeks since I have responded to anyone. If anyone has addressed me in particular, it has been unintentional if I've ignored you.

I realized that, due to the summer's Digimon appearances, I had yet to complete any some of the projects that it was necessary to finish before school began again, and that has taken up most of my attention. However, now that school has resumed, the situation has settled once again and I can return focus to the issue of the Digimon.

[Log -- Mikami Canyon]

Who: Koushirou, Iori, Tentomon, Upamon
Where: Mikami Canyon
When: Friday night, near midnight/Saturday (27th/28th)
Summary: Koushirou and Iori go investigating at one of the few places known to have a gateway to the Digital World, in hopes of finding more information about what's been going on.

Well, this was nostalgic.Collapse )
Who: Koushirou, Hikari
Where: Hikari's work, Starbucks, elsewhere?
When: Monday
Summary: Meeting up to discuss recent events, and partake in caffeine!

Caffeine should be considered one of the greatest discoveries!Collapse )


I realize it has been some time since my last entry, though there has been good reason for it.

Tentomon and I have been encountering more and more Digimon; they seem to appear almost every night, if not every one. However, we have yet to face off with another Perfect, and therefore the Gigadramon may have been an isolated incident. Also, the vast majority have been retreating upon noticing us, and though we did end up engaging in one fight, there was no injury to either side.

Unfortunately, there has been little to indicate a reason as to why these Digimon are appearing, or where they are disappearing to whenever they are chased off. Just as mysterious is how they are traveling between worlds, as I have seen no unusual digital port readings. These likely indicates one of three things: They are not using ports, they are but for some reason my usual programs can not detect them, or the ports are purposefully being cloaked.

Just as important to 'how' is 'why', of course. However, there is even less to go on in that area, though hopefully once one of the questions has an answer it will lead to the solution for the other.


I intended to have posted about this earlier, but recent events distracted me from doing so. However, it is nearly the first, those of us who are available and in the area should attempt to plan some sort of outing. Hikari-san had a few ideas already for it.
Who: Koushirou, Tentomon
Where: Koushirou's apartment and surrounding area
When: Late night/early morning of Sunday/Monday
Summary: Self-log, chasing Digimon.

Dakara, keep trying.Collapse )
Who: Koushirou, Momoe, Mikemon, Tentomon
Where: Ai-Mart
When: Night and/or early morning Saturday/Sunday
Summary: Some discussion and some ice cream.

Insert clever cut text here.Collapse )


There is something strange going on.

The radar program that Gennai-san installed on my computer during our first adventure in the Digital World began to pick up some unusual signals a little less than two hours ago. Tentomon and I went to investigate, and discovered that the signals were indeed Digimon. I recognized Devidramon, but the other I had to identify with the Analyzer; it appears to have been Cyclomon. Tentomon and I were unable to get particularly close to either, as each retreated when they noticed our approach.

Everyone, be careful. They seem to be non-confrontational, at least for the moment, but that could change at any time.
Who: Koushirou and Hikari
Where: Hikari's job, hardware store, Koushirou's apartment
When: Wednesday afternoon, July 14th, two o'clock.
Summary: Attempting to fix the result of exploding power supplies~

Programing: No problem, but this painting stuff is complicated.Collapse )


Would anyone happen to have any suggestions as to how to remove scorch marks and a dent from a wall? This is beyond my area of expertise.


It's been a little while... I've been too busy to remember to make an update. I apologize if anyone was trying to get in contact with me; my cell phone has been mostly off due to the IT conference. I didn't want it to ring during one of the presentations.

The conference itself was incredible, though. There was a great deal to do, with all of the workshops and lectures, and the premieres for new programs and hardware. I have so many projects I'd like to work on now. The open source platforms will need drivers for the new hardware; that would be a good place to begin.

Aside from my own projects, however, I should now be more available should any of you need to contact me for any reason.


Are you the operator?
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